The Alter Ego


Alter Ego cosplay is about the enthusiast in all of us. It’s about the geek in us, the child in us, the character in us–the Hero in us. It’s about who we are, who we want to be, who we imagine ourselves to be. It is all of us, entirely and completely; from the way we view ourselves to the way we view the world.

Please enjoy this blog about the costumes that I wear (and that wear me) and the conventions I’ve experienced. It’s an honor to have you here and share this fantastic experienced with you.

 I fell in love with the atmosphere of the convention and the creativity of the cosplayers in 2011 at Fanexpo Canada. I was there to see Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica. I’m not going to lie. It was love at first costume. I myself wore the green BDU’s from the show, and have been collecting more and more that appeal to my alter ego with each passing convention. Each costume is selected based on my relationship to the character and the message they bring to the fandom community. These costumes include a Lady Two-Face, a Battlestar Galactica Viper Pilot and a survivor of the zombie apolocypse. My greatest costuming achievement to date is an Iron Man Mark 4 suit. I am truly honored to have won several costuming awards based on workmanship and presentation for that particular piece.

I also spend my time giving back to the community through costumed charity work. I am part of the world-wide Star Wars costuming charity organization known as the Rebel Legion. I donate my time as my Jedi Knight character to bring smiles to children of ALL ages (this means you, adult-aside-a-stormtrooper photo-bomber.) I am also a member of the Marvel charity costuming group called the East Coast Avengers, in which I donate my time as “Iron Man” for their various events.
I live in New Jersey and work as a Teaching Assistant in New York.  I’m a writer, a costume/prop maker, an animal lover and fitness enthusiast.

But, above all–

I’m Iron Man.

No, wait, that’s not right. And it is. Ok, take two. Above all–

I’m a cosplayer.


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